Staff Augmentation

The right talent can contribute to achieving
your company goals.

Talent is high in demand, and the right talent can contribute to achieving your company goals. We help you find the right talent in minutes!

Our management team at Niktor has accumulated decades of invaluable experience to meet the demands of our clients. Our services include technology, banking, telecom, communication and media, financial services, and beyond. Our team of staff augmentation experts ensure you focus on your business while we do the job for you. Each client has a dedicated account management and recruiting team to fulfill all your company needs. Niktor brings extremely qualified and skilled staff and offers you the edge to accomplish your business goals. We offer our clients access to larger and scalable talent pools and help businesses remain competitive in the dynamic business landscape. We hire the best talent so you don’t have to compromise on the work quality and performance.

Eliminate Payroll Process
Reduced Operational Costs
Quality Talent


  • Hire qualified professionals with project
  • Specific skills for the desired period
  • Achieve corporate excellence
  • Meet deadlines on time
  • Eliminate time consuming hiring process
  • Outperform your competitors
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Save time and focus on core business operations

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