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Turbine Failure? It’s Not An Option.

Turbine Failure? It's Not An Option.


The customer, based out of UK, is a Fortune 100 energy solutions company committed to addressing the energy challenges of today and tomorrow. The company manufactures gas turbines and deploys at various customer locations and has SLAs for uptime of the turbines. 

The Challenge

The client manufactures a comprehensive lineup of gas turbines for a wide range of applications from small turbines for industrial use to large ones for nuclear power generation. Irrespective of strict in house testing and high quality management, processes of these steam turbines, the Client has been incurring huge losses from machinery breakdown. As a result, there were huge costs incurred (that include penalties for down-time), longer wait times involved in repair, resulting in a wasted time, opportunity and efficiencies due to these business interruptions.


To mitigate such shortcomings, the Client wanted to develop a scalable real time solution for early detection of cracks in gas turbines. To develop a highly accurate and dependable solution that can help in predicting possible cracks/fissures at least 6 months in advance to minimize, if any, downtimes related to turbine failure.

The Strategy


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