Life @ TCCSL

During my Techno-Comp journey, I found really talented and cheerful people whose lives are reflections of real joy and learning. Some of them involved in so many social activities and even a few people innovating new things using latest technologies. These are the people who made my stay in worth remembering.


Joining TCCSL has been one of the best decisions of my life. The firm gives me an opportunity to work with diverse minds and talent. – Rupesh

I have had many jobs and never have I been treated the way I am treated here. The company runs on trust and transparency and this provides a feeling of mutual respect for everyone in the company, regardless of position or rank. There is an open-door policy that makes me feel like I can express any concerns, and we are a team working towards the company goal. -Ajay

Good experience at Techno-Comp Computer Services. It’s a really relaxed and calm environment, even though the work we do can be fast paced and the managers are extremely patient and understanding. -U Nikhil Kumar

High learning experience and great working environment and also work life balance is really good. -Jeffry

Most rewarding aspect i feel is that i am constantly motivated to surpass my own benchmark by doing better for both my career and organization. -Karthik

TCCS is the best company I’ve worked so far in my career. First and foremost, the company has an amazing culture. People are really good to one another here. While people are smart and driven, they also care about making sure that everyone works together well. – Navya

Good Working Environment, Great career progression good work environment and seniors are helpful. Nice people here offering helping on all aspects of work. -Udayasree