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We provide Best-In-Class professional IT recruitment services with high-level, skilled and qualified individuals to help clients maintain their competitive advantage at a reduced cost without sacrificing quality.

Our management team at Techno-Comp has accumulated decades of invaluable experience which enables us to creatively meet the demands of our clients. Making us one of the Top IT recruitment companies in India

At Techno-Comp, we help you get the most out of your business with a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks and delivery innovations. Our team Leaders are hired based on their previous experience in working the verticals that they represent.

At Techno-Comp we have built an extensive scalable IT recruitment and Non-IT recruitment teams of tenured recruiters that use stop gap analysis to provide the top candidates rather than being a typical resume pusher. Our 3 prong approach which is embedded into our company SLAs is aligned with our core values and assists our valued clients with quality professionals that have been properly vetted for the positions and skills requested.

We have over 100 IT Recruiting Professionals to assist your company quickly with knowledge, teamwork, and commitment. Additionally, our non-IT team consists of over 65 recruiters who work with our client teams to excel on opportunities in the LI, Warehouse, Clerical, and Professional verticals of the business.

Techno-Comp is equipped with a diverse array of capabilities to address the needs of any enterprise customer.

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