Application Maintenance

No More Nightmares. Enjoy Your Peace.

The maintenance of IT business hardware and software, in today’s generation, is more of a dire necessity. The maintenance of an application demands an understanding of growth potential, direction and the daily needs of a company. If maintained consistently, the immediate result is an up-tick in efficiency and a considerable drop in operational costs to customers/vendors etc. 


Clean Up

Our in-house expertise analyse and fix errors that are identified by users double-checking if the software is of top-notch quality and bug-free. 



We alter, bring software up-to-date and rectify issues and bring about changes if needed, to optimise your business processes. 



Our team works professionally to ensure there are no bugs identified going forward, and analyse if need be. Giving a complete application maintenance and support service.

Long-term Maintenance For Your Software Applications

We’ve designed a series of services that allow companies to comprise of new advances in technology, without existing infrastructure being hampered. Techno-Comp provides support for hardware and software as a part of our software application maintenance service. Our cost-effective solutions have been recognized by a lot of industries, with the emphasis being on clarity.

Our workforce makes sure the applications are well-maintained, helping the client prioritise more on business goals while investing precious time in making important business decisions.  

We’re also immensely pleased to be available 24 hours-a-day, working throughout the weekdays and weekends. Our target is to keep the customer happy by pushing business efficiency to great heights and address important bottlenecks that may come in the way of your business applications

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