API Integration

API Integration

Rapidly evolving trends in Enterprise Application Development is influencing the process in a powerful way. See why TechnoComp’s application development process is right for your enterprise requirements.

Usability (UX)

Usability is the key aspect of Enterprise Architecture. Users demand that their apps to be simple, intuitive and provide more relevant content suited to their own business needs. Our expert UX engineers have the right focus and precision when it comes to delivering ease of usability and business-savvy design.

Consumerization of IT

Technology today has to be fully consumer oriented, or it won’t survive. Business imperatives are given utmost importance. Our development engineers are constantly apprised of the latest consumer trends and expectations so they can adapt IT to changing consumer needs.

Cloud Computing, Horizontal Scaling

Applications today are hosted , developed and customized on the cloud . TechnoComp has high performance cloud engineers that ensure increased accessibility and ease of operation for users of Enterprise application development.

Rapid Application Delivery & Low-code Development

RAD or Low-code development is the new ground-breaking path in Enterprise App Dev. Minimal Coding is making Enterprise Application Development more business centric and easy to deploy. Customers, therefore, can be made integral to the process at every phase of development.

Loose Coupling (APIs, Microservices, Composable architecture)

With the introduction of Loose Coupling and Microservices, Enterprise applications are delivered as an independent runtime service with a well defined API. TechnoComp has adopted Microservices approach to allow faster delivery of smaller incremental changes to an application.

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